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The name EJ’s PJs is inspired by Patricia Poggi’s three sons, Edward, Jeremy, and Patrick



EJ’s PJs started with one mission in mind – to give pajamas to children and teens of all ages who need the items the most – and that mission has not changed since 2011 when Patricia Poggi and her sons started the drive. 

The name EJ’s PJs is inspired by Patricia Poggi’s three sons, Edward, Jeremy, and Patrick who are the backbone and driving force behind this annual fundraiser. EJ’s PJs began as a way to give back to the community and to take time out of the holiday season to reflect upon what matters most in this life, which is helping others! 

It is a tradition of the Poggi family to always wear what they call their “Poggi Plaid Pajamas” each Christmas and Patricia and her boys wanted nothing more than to be able to provide the same safe, cozy, and warm feeling a pair of new pajamas brings to people around our community who might not be fortunate enough to have. This is what sparked the conversation with her kids to create this ever-growing fundraiser collecting new pajamas to donate to local charities. 

EJ’s PJs has grown to be an annual event, starting simply with a bin on the front porch of the Poggi residence where only friends and family donated, to now gaining the support of the local community and Town of Brookhaven with drop-off boxes located throughout Suffolk allowing our entire community to be a part of this wonderful act of charity by giving them the ability to drop-off their donations at a place most convenient to them. 

The drive has been successful with increasing the number of pajama donations each year thanks to the wonderful people we are surrounded by in our community and by the growing support we have gained from our many local businesses. EJ’s PJs wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s immense teamwork and effort. It has created a special network of hardworking and compassionate people who come together annually with the same goal in mind of giving back to children in need, always returning to the Poggi family’s original passion the day they decided to begin collecting pajamas over the holiday season. 

As this pajama drive has grown, we are so fortunate to have had unique opportunities to work with more and more people and even attend special community events. EJ’s PJs has been blessed to be a part of the Town of Brookhaven’s Annual Youth Interface Program Toy Drive, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department S.T.A.R.T. Programs’ Pajama and Toy Giveaway co-hosted by the SCSO and Toys for Tots, the Middle Country Youth Civic Association’s Halloween Trunk-or-Treat, and we have even created our very own fundraiser event, a Photos with Santa Pajama Party, that has taken place the second week in December for the last two years. We have been featured on Newsday TV, News 12 Long Island, 106.1 WBLI, TBR News Media, and more! Being involved in such amazing events taking place in our community as well as featured on various local news outlets is a way for us to give the gift of warm and cozy pajamas to more people in need every year and a privilege we never envisioned would be a reality thirteen years ago.

Patricia Poggi

About Patricia Millicent

Patricia Millicent, first and foremost a mother of 3 boys and a woman of faith, works tirelessly to better the community around her. Driven by her determination and spirit, Patricia has accomplished many amazing things as a hardworking and resilient mother of 3.

Her children Edward, Jeremy, and Patrick (21,18 and 13), share her same spirit. With their help and the help of the community, she has established an ever-growing Non-Profit EJ’s Pj’s Pajama Drive, which collects and distributes pajamas to underprivileged families across Long Island.

Patricia has overcome her fair share of hurdles on her journey. She lost her mother at the age of three to brain tumors; Patricia considers her mom her first female warrior. She has overcome obesity and continues to battle her own demons, determined to have longevity so that she can care for her children.

Patricia went from 300 pounds to currently running 5ks and mini triathlons. She also participates in body building competitions and body transformation events.

Patricia continues to help the community with her Pajama Drive and leadership events, working closely with the Town of Brookhaven and Police Departments. She has organized a thriving team of individuals, who continue to develop and share a common goal of creating a better world around them. Patricia in her “spare” time is also a Partner at Starbucks, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of her projects. She also serves as a crossing guard with the police department and has worked in many restaurants. She constantly reaches out to the community in any and every way she can.

Patricia’s organization, EJPinspirations, is named in honor of her children. Patricia’s goal, as an empowered and independent woman, is to strengthen and educate other women who have dealt with similar hurdles..

She believes that everyone should find their own driving factor, and encouragement and support are the first step of that process.

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