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We have one mission in mind – to provide pajamas to those in the community who need them the most.

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Annual pajama drive for needy children initiated by Patricia Poggi and sons since 2011.


Comprehensive media coverage of EJ’s PJs pajama drive charity efforts in Long Island.


Support EJS PJ’s in providing pajamas to families in need through community and charitable programs.


Join EJ’s PJs: Empower kids in need through fun-filled fundraising pajama party events!

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Relive magical moments from EJ’s PJs fundraisers and events through our heartwarming photo collections.


Latest updates on pajama drives, grants, and events benefiting local families from EJ’s PJs.

Get Inspired By Larry Farrish’s Story

In the spirit of giving and community, we at EJ’s PJs are excited to announce our upcoming pajama drive in Louisville, Kentucky at Engelhard Elementary, a special event inspired by a truly touching act of kindness witnessed by Larry Farrish.

At the heart of our mission lies the simple, yet profound, desire to provide warmth and comfort to those in need, particularly the youngest among us. It’s stories like Larry’s that remind us of the incredible impact a simple gesture can make.

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Give the gift of comfort. Donate a pair of pajamas today and warm a heart, embracing families in need with the cozy promise of a better tomorrow.

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If you’re struggling financially and seeking comfort for yourself or your children at bedtime, request our free, cozy pajamas – because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

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Empower cozy nights for families in need. Your online donation provides comfort through pajamas. Join us in spreading warmth and love.

About Us

EJ’s PJs started with one mission in mind – to give pajamas to everyone in the community who need the items the most – and that mission has not changed since 2011 when Patricia Poggi and her sons started the drive. 

The name EJ’s PJs is inspired by Patricia Poggi’s three sons, Edward, Jeremy, and Patrick who are the backbone and driving force behind this annual fundraiser. EJ’s PJs began as a way to give back to the community and to take time out of the holiday season to reflect upon what matters most in this life, which is helping others!

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We are delighted to shine a spotlight on Suffolk AME member Patricia Poggi, one of our remarkable Suffolk County Crossing Guards, who has not only dedicated herself to ensuring the safety of our children but has also founded a nonprofit organization called EJ's PJs. This exceptional organization...

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EJ’s PJs & Kerboomkidz Heading to Kentucky!

EJ’s PJs & Kerboomkidz Heading to Kentucky!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Patricia Poggi Centereach, NY 631.525.1556  CENTEREACH, NY. March 2024: Long Island based nonprofit, EJ’s PJs, is headed to Kentucky on May 20th, 2024 to gift 290 students at Engelhard Elementary School in Louisville brand new pajamas. Larry Farrish’s act of kindness started...

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Unlock a World of Compassion and Community Impact: Partner with EJ’s PJs Today!

At EJ’s PJs, our mission resonates with every fabric we distribute — to warm the nights of underprivileged children through the simple yet profound gift of pajamas. Our drive isn’t just about clothing; it’s about providing comfort, security, and the message that they are cared for. We envision a world where no child has to endure a cold night without the embrace of a warm pajama. Through our pajama drive initiatives, we’ve reached thousands, turning restless sleeps into peaceful slumbers.

Becoming a strategic partner with EJ’s PJs offers an invaluable opportunity to be part of a meaningful cause, one that not only impacts the lives of countless children but also enriches our communities with compassion and collective effort. Our strategic partners are integral to our mission, helping us to extend our reach and impact. Join us in making a difference, one pajama at a time.

How to become a strategic partner with EJ's PJs?

Initiating a partnership with EJ’s PJs is a seamless process designed to align our mutual goals for maximum impact. Interested organizations can start by clicking the contact us button below. Here, you can submit an inquiry form to express your interest. Upon submission, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss partnership possibilities, alignment of goals, and next steps for engagement.

What benefits do strategic partners receive from collaborating with EJ's PJs?

Partnership with EJ’s PJs opens a gateway to enriching benefits, including heightened brand visibility through association with a noble cause, access to a broader audience base, and enhanced corporate social responsibility profile. Moreover, our partners experience the intrinsic reward of making a significant difference in the lives of children and communities. Through shared resources, campaigns, and events, we amplify our impact and celebrate the power of collaboration.

What criteria must strategic partners meet?

Our strategic partners are organizations that share our vision of community service and possess a commitment to making a tangible difference. While we are open to a variety of partnerships, we seek entities with a strong ethical foundation, the capacity for long-term commitment, and a genuine passion for our cause. All potential partners undergo a review process to ensure alignment with our values and mission.

How does EJ's PJs support its strategic partners?

EJ’s PJs believes in nurturing our partnerships with robust support and resources. We offer co-branding opportunities, featured spots on our website and promotional materials, and shared social media campaigns to elevate our partners’ visibility. Additionally, we provide all necessary information and materials for our partners to engage in our pajama drive initiatives effectively. Regular updates and impact reports are shared to keep our partners informed and engaged in our collective journey.

Can strategic partners engage in joint projects with EJ's PJs?

Absolutely! We encourage and support the development of joint projects that align with our mission and amplify our reach. These can range from co-hosted pajama drive events, collaborative fundraisers, to awareness campaigns. Our team is dedicated to working closely with our partners to brainstorm, plan, and execute projects that leverage our combined strengths for the greatest impact.

EJ's PJs Strategic Partnership - Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers

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Become an EJ’s PJs Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor for EJ’s PJs pajama drive presents a remarkable opportunity for businesses and individuals alike to support an initiative dedicated to bringing warmth and comfort to families in need, especially during the holiday season. By aligning with EJ’s PJs, sponsors play a pivotal role in extending the reach and impact of this heartwarming cause. As a sponsor, not only do you contribute to providing new pajamas to children and teens, ensuring they have a cozy night’s sleep, but you also become part of a compassionate community endeavor that strengthens the fabric of our society. Your support enables us to collaborate with more local charities, attend and organize special community events, and, most importantly, increase the volume of donations so that every child in our community can enjoy the simple luxury of a new pair of pajamas. Sponsors are recognized for their generosity through various platforms, creating a partnership that not only aids in our mission but also highlights the spirit of giving that defines our community. Join us in making a difference through EJ’s PJs pajama drive; your sponsorship can light up countless lives and deliver the invaluable gift of comfort and care to those who need it the most.

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